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"The Road Is Easier To Walk When You Have Someone To Walk It With You!"

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We are located on the Campus of

The Good News Community Church

Our Address:
5511 West 136th Ave.
Broomfield, Colorado 80020

Call Us at
(720) 545-5541


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Our Faith

At "The Journey." we want to help everyone get to know Jesus! The reason?  Perhaps people don't love Jesus is because they don't know Him.  Our purpose as a ministry is to introduce people to the love of God!  We call this "Our Journey To Grace!"  Along the way we learn how to love ourselves, each other, and eventually learn of our love for Him.

We never have to do any of this alone!  Jesus is with us every step of the way.  If we follow Him, we will one day be with Him in paradise!

The Road Is Easier To Walk, When You Have Someone To Walk It With You!

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Praise & Prayer
Friday Bible Study
Bible Study
Praise & Worship
Book Study - The Desire of Ages!
» Pastor Mark Matthews

» William Dickerson
Associate Pastor

» Robin Chamness
Associate Pastor

» Lisè Matthews
Administrative Pastor

» Prayer Partners
Prayer Partner

» Sherri Williams
Prayer Partner

» Stephanie Rogers Martin
Prayer Partner

» Praise At The Journey!
Worship Team

» Mark Matthews
Worship Leader, Vocalist, Guitarist

» Jordan Matthews
Worship Leader, Vocalist

» Lisè Matthews
Worship Leader, Vocalist

» Audrey Dickerson
Worship Leader, Vocalist

» Robin Chamness
Worship Leader, Guitarist, Vocalist

» B.J. Chamness
Worship Leader, Vocalist

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Did you know that The Journey is COMPLETELY supported by it's OWN Members?

That's right!  Everything you see, everything we do, is a direct result of the blessings received by God as He gives to our members, and even visitors, who in turn, generously give to The Journey! We receive NO subsidy from ANY other church or Non Profit organization. Although The Journey is affiliated with a conference of churches, we receive no financial support from that affiliation!

The Journey is 100% Independently Supported financially by Your generosity!

Won't you take the time to take a closer look? Perhaps you can find something that we do that you would like to become involved in. Maybe you already have a specific area in mind you would like want to financially support us? It's your opportunity to be a part of our ministry, working together to increase the Kingdom of God, one blesssing at a time!

Your gift today is tax refundable, and we are committed to use your gifts as you direct them! That's our promise to you!

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"God Will Never Leave You"
David Letterman has his "Top Ten." 
Sesame Street loves to count to Ten. 
The metric system is based on the number ten. 
Even decalogue means among other things, "Ten!" 

What's so magical about, "ten?" 
Here's 10 reasons to call Satan a liar and have God's Peace in your life at this time of year!
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The Journey
5511 West 136th Ave

Phone: (720) 545-5541
Fax: (303) 255-4766

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Why Saturday?

The Seventh Day of the week. Follow the link below and check out the video. They'll work on your PC, Mac, Android, or Apple device!  Find out, "Why The Journey Meets On Saturday"

In The Weeks Ahead At The Journey!
August 12, 2017
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This Saturday, At The Journey: "Meekness Or Weakness?"
August 05, 2017
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The Journey is featured in Spectrum Magazine!
October 14, 2013
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An Article about The Journey in The local Broomfield Newspaper!
October 10, 2013
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"Jesus Is Enough!"
Paul used the Greek word, "arkeo".  It means, "I Keep Off".

The King James version of the Bible translates it: "Sufficient".

"And He said to me, 'My Grace is sufficient for you: for My strength is made perfect in weakness.'" 

Before anyone tells you what kind of "Christian" you have to be, or what you have to do in order to "be saved", remember this important correct translation: "ARKEO!  "I Keep Off!"

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"Why Are There So Many Religions?"
Prayer Power

Prayer doesn't work!  God Works!  He works as He hears your prayers, as you submit your joys, and desires.  As you submit your pain and your shame!  We have prayer partners at The Journey that want nothing more than to see God Work in your life.  Do you have a prayer request?  Let our Prayer Partners join with you in prayer, and encourage you to witness God working in your life!

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