"Does It Really Matter?"
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I've been reading the posts on Facebook. Some are so comical, others ridiculous, and still others quite serious. There is one, however, that I feel compelled to address. Normally, I like to be the one who instigates the conversation, and then stay away while others debate. Dialog is good, because it gets people thinking and talking. Hopfully. So, here's the argument, and my response:

Does it really matter what day you worship on? The argument raging between Sabbatarians against the 1st Day contingent! There are those who believe that the answer can end up jeopardizing your salvation. Here's my take, but don't forget to chime in. My take is NOT GOSPEL! It is where God has led me and it is what I believe. It is what I live and will continue to live up to until God directs me otherwise. Your choice is just that - YOURS! May God direct you in your choices!

OK so Pastor Mark will finally chime in on this ;) It all starts and ends with a relationship with Jesus. He told the Pharisees "You study the scriptures because you think that in them you will find salvation..." Listen, I am a Sabbatarian, the Seventh Day! However, it is not in this day or it's observance that I find my salvation. Salvation is in Christ and Christ alone. Only the Holy Spirit can convict the heart to accept the rest in Jesus. Sabbath keeping is meaningless without entering into a real rest in Jesus! As we build our relationships with Jesus, by faith and instruction from The Spirit will we discern the deeper things of the commandments and their role in our lives. We don't kill becasue we have a moral relationship with life. We don't steal because we have a moral relationship with the respect of others. As our relationship with God deepens, we will develop the same respect, value, and love for Him. We didn't nail adultery to the cross. We can't nail the Sabbath there either. Our desires to please God come from a deepened relationship and love for God. Without that love and faith, not only can we not please Him, but we lose the ability to live life as abundantly as Christ promised. I keep the Sabbath because Jesus did. Whether or not He was doing it because He was a Jew or not is irrelevant to me. I'm not going to split theological hairs on this one. I do it because He did it. I want to be like Him! I need to be like Him. I love Him. John 2 is clear, that if we love Him, we will walk as He walked. That's my choice!

That's my story and I'm stickin to it! Love You All!!


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