2016 01/09 "Light!"
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Light is an amazing thing. If it's bright enough, everone around it can benifit. If there's not enough of it, even you can stumble.

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2016 01/09 "Light!"
January 9, 2016


Light is an amazing thing. If it's bright enough, everone around it can benifit. If there's not enough of it, even you can stumble. Science has proven that light travels fast - about 186,000 miles per second! I could give you all kinds of examples to illustrate just how fast that is, but let's just agree, that's fast. Faster than Superman!

There's a story in the Bible that seems well known to some - the story about 10 women on their way to a wedding. All of them had lamps with oil. The short story, 5 of them ran out of oil. With no oil, they had no ability to light their lamps. They were in the dark.


The story says that the 5 who ran out of oil went looking for more oil so that they would be able to light their lamps again. 2 questions come to my mind at this point in the story: 1) Did they stumble in the darkness looking for more oil? 2) Why didn't the just stay with the other 5 who had enough oil to light their own lamps? Weren't those lamps bright enough for everyone?

I've got no answers. Just questions, and thoughts. I keep thinking about light. How it has the ability to illuminate what we see. Without it, we are all blind!

And then it occurs to me: Is it possible that this story is talking about something more than just having enough oil? I know the theology of the story. I can hear preachers now challenging the direction I am going here. I cannot help but wonder. Couldn't this story be about community as well? What good is oil with no vessel, no wick, no match, and no one to strike it? What about love? What about relationship? Don't all of those pieces combined create community? Church?

The story doesn't speak of the 10 women, independent of each other. It speaks of them collectively. What kind of community do we have if we allow someone to stumble in the dark, but we march triumphantly down the road and leave our brothers and sisters behind. I know, we all have a responsibility to bring our own oil. I know we have the responsibility to be prepared. I know we all must be accountable for our own deeds, our own actions, our own motives. However, 1 Corinthians 13 reminds me that I could posses knowledge, and I could be Divinely Persuaded by God and have the ability and power to move a mountain, I could even speak the heavenly language of the angels, but if I don't have love, I am NOTHING! "Love each other" - Jesus.


It doesn't matter if you have a MAG-LIGHT, or a BIC lighter. If you're not willing share it because you love, you might as well blow it out.

That's the gospel according to Bentley.