11-1-2014 "Importunity!"
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"An urgent, persistent solicitation, that can be annoying."
That's what it says in the dictionary.

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November 1, 2014

"An urgent, persistent solicitation, that can be annoying."
That's what it says in the dictionary.

A newborn has only this ability. It cannot reason or ask intelligently. A newborn can only be persistent. It can only cry to tell you that it needs you.

A toddler is importunate in their quest to gain attention. They cannot yet speak full sentences, just a few words. Crying is still a major part of their communication. They learn that importunity actually gets them what they want - your attention.

A 2 year old begins to master the art of importunate behaviour. They are motivated by their desire to seek out new things, preferably without your knowledge. Their persistence knows no bounds and it is here where boundaries are sometimes established. By You! Yes the tears can flow, all to get your attention.

Years pass, and we learn to master importunity to our advantage.  Some call it manipulation.  Others call it being clever.  Still, others call it what it is: annoying.  We see the signs on the doors, and sometimes even as we enter the neighborhoods - NO SOLICITING.  We find that truly annoying.  We don't want the attention.  Be aware that my door is closed, I'm not answering, just the importunate bark of my Rottweiler to dissuade you from knocking more than once.

Importunate.  Look it up.  Even the dictionary gives this word a bad name.

And yet...

"Ask, and it will be given to you.  Seek, and you will find.  Knock, and the door will be open.  For everyone who asks with importunity will receive, because God is gracious.  Everyone who seeks with importunate hearts, will find the God who does not hide but shouts, 'Here I AM'.  Knock, importunately!  Those who keep on knocking, the door continually opens."  Matthew 7:7-11 (GAB). 

It is the God that I believe in.  I'm sure that there are those who would be willing to shoot holes in my theory.  "He didn't answer my prayer!", or even better - "why has He forsaken me?"

I've decided first that I will believe in Him. Period.  No matter what. 

Second, I will do my darndest to find ways to hang on to Him.  I'm not Jacob by any stretch of the imagination.  However, if He dare show Himself to me, with importunity, I will not let go.

And third, I will learn to give up my plan, in order to better follow His.  When they told me I had cancer, I adopted a mantra that I am convinced He gave me : "I am a willing participant in God's Master Plan!"  If this is His world, it seems to make more sense to follow the path that He reveals to me.  If all is farce, then I turn out to be a pretty nice guy.  However... "Metanoeo" - I am "allowing God, with His importunity, to change the way I think".

Sabbath.  Importunate.  Every week it shows up.  On the eve of the 7th day, it quietly reveals to me, the blessed importunity of God.  I am seeing this importunate, weekly event as a vacation from all that would cause me to be stubborn and annoying, and just rest in Him.  Perhaps this notion can change my week.  Perhaps this restoration, can change my life.

I can only imagine what it is that annoys you.  Your week may have been golden, or it may have been just a lead weight hanging around your neck.  Now is a perfect time to be joyous that your week was filled with good things, or praise Him because the week is over!  Either way, if you are still long enough, perhaps you can hear the importunate knocking at the door of you heart.  That's The Holy Spirit, bringing Divine Persuasion as a gift for you, to make you stronger.  To remove your doubts that you have in yourself.  To rebuild the esteem that has been torn away.  To just give you a breath of life for the week ahead.

Shabbat, Shalom my friends.  Rest, and Peace to you!  Spend some importunate time with Jesus over these next few hours.  Watch with amazement, as the doors open!