"It's Time For Some Rest
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My Uncle preaches a sermon, where he describes a scene foretold in the Bible that talks about going to heaven.  The Bible states that God will wipe away every tear.  I like his interpretation - that God will take away the very reason for our tears.


Many tears were shed this week.  Not just in Boston.  Not just in Texas.  Tears were shed this week with friends who lost loved ones to cancer.  Tears were shed because friendships collapsed.  Tears were shed because people made mistakes with words that should never have been spoken. 


I'm looking forward to the day that Uncle Charles' words come true, that the reason for our tears will go away.  Those reasons will be given a permanent rest, never more to be remembered. 


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"It's Time For Some Rest!"
April 20, 2013

Do you think that Jesus will go to each person and literally wipe away every tear?  What would you like for Him to take away from you that causes you pain?  It's a nice thought that all of this madness of death and pain, tears and sorrow, sickness, anger, bitterness...  It will all go away.

Sounds like a powerful, compassionate God!  What do you think?

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