Our Vision:
“A Healthy, Vibrant Fellowship, That Never Ceases To Grow!”

Our vision is to create a Fellowship of Believers that is based on healthy relationships with Christ, and with each other. The 2 “Great Commandments” in the Bible are this: “Love the Lord your God with all you heart, all your soul, all your mind, and all your strength; and the second - “love your neighbor as yourself.”

God First! We are able to love Him, because, He first loved us! His love for you and I came before we were made! His love for us enables us to love ourselves, and each other! By putting Him first in our lives, the rest of life falls into place according to His great plan for you and me!



Our Fellowship will strive to look like this:


  • Our Fellowship DNA is unselfish and purposeful: our efforts should be to impact the next person who needs to meet Jesus.
  • Our Fellowship assimilates consistently attending people and converts them into membership in “The Body Of Believers – Followers Of The Way”
  • Our Fellowship consistently connects with its community culture through music, technology, preaching, and the arts.
  • The Safety of Our Fellowship should be demonstrated by those who have chosen to consistently attend worship and small groups.
  • Our Fellowship thrives on the Testimony of Jesus through the God Altering, life-changing stories of its members.
  • Our Fellowship never stops reaching more people. Regardless of the age of our Fellowship, The Journey continues to grow.
  • Our Fellowship will continuously strive for an increasingly significant footprint in the community.  When someone mentions, “The Journey”, the UN-CHURCHED will know who we are.


Then our vision will be complete: 

“The Road Is Easier To Walk, When You Have Someone To Walk It With You!”