"More Like Jesus"
July 26, 2014
Pastor Mark Matthews
John 14; John 15; 1 Corinthians 12; Galatians 5
"Construction Zone - More Like Jesus!"

based on John 14;  John 15;  1 Corinthians 12;  Galations 5

More Like Jesus!

We are in a series called "Construction Zone"  We are trying to search for the reasons why you, or anyone, should join our church.  We think we have come up with 7 reasons.

The First reason : Edify!  Church should be about encouraging one another.  

The Second Reason :  Salvation by Grace!  Grace is the work of God, NOT the church.  Keep Off Of The Grass and allow God's Grace to take root in the new believer!  Only God's Grace can save!

The Third Reason :  We are changed by God and transformed into beings that will live forever!  It's called "Sanctification"

The Fourth Reason that we believe you, and everyone, should join our church I like to call it  "Break Time!"  We believe that God has written into the mandate of our hearts to get rest!  He even set aside time for us to meet with Him so that He could restore us and give us peace that passes all understanding.

The 5th reason you shoud join our church -  One way of looking at it is this - "The Blessed Hope".  Another way - "Asleep In Jesus".  Either way, they both point to the same thing : This is not all that there is, and Jesus has the power and the promise to raise all those who are saved and have died, and we who remain, will join them to live forever in Heaven, and in the earth made new!

Reason 6:  The Blood.  The Bible says this, "The wages of sin is death, but, the gift of God is eternal life through Jesus Christ our Lord."  It is the shed blood of The Lamb, Jesus, who takes away our sins.  And that blood is now interceding for you and for me in the Sanctuary in Heaven.  It is not made with human hands, but with the Majesty of God!

Which brings us to Reason #7.  More Like Jesus. At The Journey, we are learning that God has made a way for us to be like Him.  Of course, when He comes again, we will be changed, in a moment, in the twinkling of an eye, and we will be like Him.  However, if the church is to edify one another, to allow God to do His work in our lives - to give us Grace, to make us Holy, To remind us of the Promise of His soon return;  what is it that we must do in the mean time?  More simply, How Does The Church Survive Until Jesus Comes Back? The early church actually had it right:  Followers Of The Way.  They truly understood through the leadership of the Apostles, that the should strive to be like Christ.  They were taught that Christ would reveal Himself to them through the power of the Holy Spirit!

Pastor Mark  Any tree, or flower can only survive as long as they stay connected to the root!

That seems like a simple concept.  However, how many times have you, have I, tried to do it on our own?  So often the church sees itself as a build, instead of a living, breathing, creation of God! Remember this:  Your Spirtual gift is given to you, that in a very specific way, you can be like Jesus!

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We pray that you will be blessed.  If you like what you see, why not visit us in person at The Journey?


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