"Jesus Is Enough!"
Paul used the Greek word, "arkeo".  It means, "I Keep Off".

The King James version of the Bible translates it: "Sufficient".

"And He said to me, 'My Grace is sufficient for you: for My strength is made perfect in weakness.'" 

Before anyone tells you what kind of "Christian" you have to be, or what you have to do in order to "be saved", remember this important correct translation: "ARKEO!  "I Keep Off!"  In short, Paul, the writer of the books of Corinthians, understood that Jesus was enough. So he used the word that was in the common language of the day that expressed that same sentiment. 

Paul knew that there was no person that could work to change you and me. There is a work that ONLY Jesus can do! In fact, His work has already been completed. His work is called, "Grace".  It was created for you, the moment Jesus gave His life for you at the cross!  The video below is a short and simple illustration of just how much Jesus loves you and me. It tells of His Grace, and His sacrifice at the cross.

"Jesus Is Enough!"

Churches cannot save you! People cannot save you! Only the love of Jesus has saved you!

Choose Jesus!