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The Journey is a ministry focused on bringing people to an awareness of the love and grace of Jesus.  There are complex and theologically doctrinal ministries out there.  There are ministries that focus on deeper prophecy issues and end time events.  We believe that the foundation to any doctrine must begin with Jesus.  Without a knowledge of Him, without a relationship with Him, doctrine is empty, and theology is just a theory.  Our purpose is to tell our community about Jesus.  We want everyone to know about His saving grace.  So many out there do not know who Jesus is outside of the historical person, or a character depicted in a Hollywood movie.  Jesus to some is just an idea of an unachievable concept in the world of religion.  However... We at "The Journey" believe that Jesus is a friend,  He is filled with love and mercy.  He is someone that we can run to in times of joy, in times of sadness.  We have come to recognize that He leads us on this road called life. It is a journey towards understanding that we are not alone.  The journey has highs and lows.  It is filled with surprise, and routine.  The twists and turns along this road keep us guessing, wonderring what lies ahead.  It is after all, a journey.  Through it all, we are constantly learning that we never have to face this life alone.  Ultimately, the journey of life with Jesus leads us to grace - the redeeming love of God.  And finally, this journey to grace will lead us to eternal life with Jesus. 

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Never foget this truth in the Bible:

"God will never leave you, nor will He forsake you!"

Be Blessed and Happy Sabbath.


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